Newborn Photography at Home

DIY Newborn Photography at Home 

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown situation, I know there are probably a lot of parents out there who are missing out on newborn photography.

I'd like to help by providing a few tips to help you take gorgeous newborn photos of your latest arrival, right in the comfort of your own home.

Pro Tip:

Remember, newborn photography is usually easier when your baby is asleep, so a good time would be right after a feed, when they're milk drunk!


1) Find a soft spot with natural light - right by a window usually works best.
2) Position your baby with their head towards the light, so the light falls across their face, from their forehead down towards their chest.
3) Roll your baby onto their side, with one hand (or both if you're able to!) under their cheek to lift their face towards the light. Don't forget to uncurl those fingers! A bunched up little fist adds tension to your photo.
4) Angle your camera so you are shooting down your baby's face - NEVER shoot up the nose. Top tip: if you can see their nostrils, you're in the wrong position.

5) Remove background distractions - you don't want anything taking attention away from your little treasure!
6) As well as the side pose, try rolling your baby onto their back and taking a photo from above - don't forget to avoid those nostrils!

Pro tip: If you're feeling brave, try doing all this with your baby in just their nappy (best to undress them when they're feeding, and wrap them in a blanket). Don't forget to cover their nappy with a blanket or scarf, and remember the room needs to be very warm to do this - if they're not warm enough, they won't stay asleep!

I hope these tips help you capture photos you will treasure for the years to come!
I'd love to see your results in the comment section below!

Feel free to share this with friends or family who have recently had or are expecting a new arrival.

Stay tuned for my next post regarding milestone shoots!


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